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about us

Why use EZ-Relocation?

We believe that our clients benefit from a “personal touch”. We see them as individuals and will do that little bit extra that is often necessary to make a relocation go smoothly. There are many elements involved with every move and many problems that need to be dealt with, however, by working pro-actively behind the scenes, our clients are blissfully unaware of most of the pot-holes we navigate around for them.

about you

Our goal is to take over the workload of both the HR Department and the transferee and to ensure a smooth, well-coordinated relocation that will contribute to a successful assignment.

EZ-Relocation has a lifetime of experience in this sector, as both our owners have personal experience within this field.

Relocating to another country?

more than moving

Relocating to another country is so much more than just moving house! It’s about successfully transplanting a lifestyle, a set of values, an entire cultural and educational background into new ground, new circumstances and a new home. We are here to make your relocation experience a good one!


We offer tailor-made programs that are designed to fit your needs and save you time. Whether you want the full-service program or just a limited number of services, we are here to help you.

with spirit

EZ-Relocation was founded with the strong belief that satisfying the human element is the key factor in a successful relocation from home to home.

the extra mile

We know what moving to another country means. That is why we always walk that extra mile for you and your family.



  • Full door-to-door services
  • Introductory phone call with assignee
  • Moving process
  • Packing services
  • Insurance
  • Storage services
  • Specialist services
  • Additional services
  • And any other services that may be required ...


relocation services

  • Home search (permanent and/or temporary)
  • Negotiation and signing of the lease contract
  • Assistance with utility connections and follow up
  • Assistance with legalities (I.D., driver's license, ...)
  • Introduction to schools and arranging visits where needed
  • Co-ordination and follow-up on the survey-in or inventory report
  • Assistance in opening a bank account
  • Information on insurance where needed (and others legalities)
  • And any other services that may be required ...

repatriation services

  • Sending notice letters where necessary
  • Run-through the exit procedure with Expat (this can save much time and money)
  • Disconnection or cancellation of utilities / internet / insurance / bank account
  • Assistance with post forwarding
  • De-registration at local town hall

immigration & work permits

immigration advice & administration

  • Document information
  • Start-up registration procedure
  • Follow-up of police visit
  • Accompany expat to town hall
  • Collection of ID card
  • Driver’s license

single entry permit (*)

  • Document information
  • Start-up procedure
  • Follow-up with government and embassies where necessary
  • Appointment with the commune for the “bijlage 49”



(Please note that this procedure can take 3-5 months to process, due to overload at the government end). EZ-Relocation supervises town hall registration. By combining these services, the HR department and transferee have one point of contact responsible for this legal administration.

(*) EZ-Relocation co-ordinates the administration in Belgium of all documentation required for the Single Entry Permit application, assists with Visa application, is in close communication with the transferee and tracks the process throughout the procedure, saving much valuable time.


Ilonka Slechte

I call myself a Global Nomad, because I have moved around the world all my life. Although I am Dutch, I was born in France, my first language is English and my home is now in Belgium. When people ask me where I come from, I always hesitate, as I don’t really have a country of origin as such.


However, I have always viewed all this travelling as a gift, as I have been allowed to experience so many different countries and cultures around the globe, and I have made such good friends along the way. Each move, and there have been many, was like a new adventure. 

I now enjoy helping my clients start their adventures, making it as easy as possible for them during the transition. This is why we believe in doing that little bit “extra” for our clients, because I know that this really does make all the difference.


We work with a network of local consultants through-out Belgium to meet your Relocation needs, ensuring the best possible level of service at all times.

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